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Our team shares a dedication for helping injured victims in their accident cases across the Midwest. We strive to provide excellent client care while recovering the best possible result for your case.Through years of experience, and a consistent dedication for innovation in our practice, we have developed a powerful strategy that will be used to bring your case towards resolution.

Contact our firm today to begin your journey towards recovery. We are standing by to retrieve information about your case and determine if we are able to assist in your injury related legal matter.

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  • Our law firm only represents injured clients. We are highly focused on injury cases. This emphasis on representing clients in their injury cases has allowed us to develop significant systems of procedure that are engineered for success in the case. At every step of the process, our team knows exactly what needs to be done to move forward in the case. We take an aggressive approach to each step of your case to ensure that your claim is moving along as efficiently as possible.

We begin with an investigation into the facts of your case. We look to answer questions immediately after opening your file:

  • who caused the accident;
  • how did the accident occur;
  • were there any witnesses;
  • what injuries did you sustain;
  • where did you receive medical treatment;
  • was there a police report made;
  • what insurance policies may cover the accident
  • whether any surveillance footage is available for the incident; and
  • has a similar accident occurred, etc.

Once we have completed this initial investigation into your case, we will begin the process of establishing your claim. This can include sending letters of representation to the insurance carriers, letters of preservation to the at fault party, notices of claim to your health insurance company, and other written correspondence. In this stage of your case it will be important that you are receiving the medical treatment and monitoring that you will need for your recovery.

After establishing your claim, our next main priority will be to begin the process of obtaining a full file of your medical records and billing. This can often be a time intensive steo in your case, as hospital and facilities may have a complicated process for requesting your full records. For your case we will need to collect the hospital’s internal records and billing, and this can often take months to complete. However we have developed a system for making this component as efficient as possible.

With your medical records and billing, and with the claim established, we will complete a full review of the medical record materials. We will make a full assessment of your documented injury, as well as other damages. At this point we will schedule time to discuss the damages as referenced by your medical records and other evidentiary materials. We will then send your formal offer for resolution and begin the process of negotiating your claim.

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