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Rollover Car Accidents 

Challenges of a Rollover Car Accident Case

Cause of Rollover

Often in a vehicle rollover there will need to be an investigation into what specifically caused the rollover. When the vehicle rolls over due to a design defect, or a manufacturing defect, the injured driver and passenger may have a product liability claim.

Rollover Evidence

The vehicle that you were riding in when the rollover happened may have a "blackbox" equipped. This is a mechanical component that is designed to record data and information related to the conditions involved in the rollover, such as speed and braking. This evidence may be crucial to prove your rollover liability claim.


Unfortunately, we often see the most devastating injuries from rollover accidents. The force involved in a vehicle rollover is extreme. In some instances vehicle occupants may be thrown from the vehicle, and the impact with the ground can cause catastrophic injuries or death.

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Vehicle Rollovers are the result of many factors

The causes of a rollover accident may not be apparent upon first glance. When a vehicle rolls over in an accident, there are many forces contributing to the rollover. It is important when evaluating a potential rollover case to consider all of the different factors that could have led to the vehicle turning over.

For instance, the vehicle rollover may have been caused by a product defect. Manufacturers of modern vehicles are under an obligation to design their automobile in such a manner that will prevent the vehicle from turning over during an accident. After a rollover, there needs to be an investigation done to determine if the vehicle responded properly to the forces that caused the rollover. Often the vehicle design will be investigated, and specifically regarding whether the design of the vehicle created an unreasonable risk of rollover for the driver. This investigation is often related to an area of injury law that is called “product liability.” 

Products Liability

Product liability is an area of the law that seeks to afford consumers with certain protections against mass-produced products that due to a defect in the design, manufacturing or marketing process creates an unreasonable risk of harm. In addition, some products are inherently dangerous and when a company fails to properly address the danger or properly warn the consumer of the danger, multiple parties in the sale lineage may be liable for damages that result. Product liability law incorporates many issues not found in other areas of personal injury law such as car accidents or premises liability cases.

Consumers in the United States place a significant amount of trust in American manufacturers to ensure that the proper measures have been adhered to produce a safe product. The legal framework in product liability cases imputes a significant responsibility upon American manufacturers to follow safety protocol and take the steps necessary to make sure that our reasonable expectations of safety are met. Often this sentiment is derived from the concept that it is American manufacturers who are best fit to handle the cost of ensuring safety; as the designers and manufacturers of products interact with the products prior to distribution.

One of the difficulties in recovering from an injury incident, is that you may feel alone or separated from others. Your injury and the resulting pain can prevent you from doing the things that you love to do with your loved ones. In the time that you are recovering you may likely be reminded of your injuries and how they have impacted your ability to enjoy life. Especially when you are around your family and friends that are not experiencing the same injuries or difficulties.

As you are navigating the recovery process, it will be important to make note of your journey, and how your development progresses. As you are meeting with your doctor, or treating physician, you will need to describe the issues that the injury has caused in your life. The medical professionals will likely have had significant experience with accident related injuries, and should be able to provide input regarding how best to approach your recovery.

Having an experienced team on your side every step of your recovery can be a tremendous help.We want to do everything we can to lighten the burden of the legal case for you so that you can focus on recovering and improving your condition. Our team is constantly working to find ways to support our clients in their recovery journey.

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